USBC NEWS: SMART Corporation plans distribution to scholarship providers

March 1, 2013

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ARLINGTON, Texas - The Board of Directors of SMART (Scholarship Management andAccounting Reports for Tenpins) Corporation will make an income earningsdistribution to providers' funds later this quarter. A $400,000 totaldistribution will be credited before March 4, 2013.  

"The SMART Board is extremely pleased to be in position to make itslargest distribution since 2008," SMART Corporation Board Chairman WallyHall said. "The SMART fund has shown good returns while maintaining thesafety and stability our stakeholders expect."

The SMART Board's investment policy is designed to invest the largest portionof earned scholarships into fixed income highly conservative and safesecurities. The remainder of the assets are invested in a diversified portfolioof securities expected to yield greater returns while still maintaining ahighly conservative investment strategy.  

The United States Bowling Congress SMART program began operation in 1994 as aservice offering the bowling community a centralized location to manage bowlingscholarship funds as well as providing USBC members with a resource forinquiries about bowling scholarships. In 2010, the SMART Bowling ScholarshipFunding Corporation was created as an independent entity dedicated to themanagement, protection and promotion of the SMART scholarship funds.  

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