The Bowling Foundation teams with American Heart Association on new program

March 5, 2013

CONTACT: Sean Clancy
The Bowling Foundation


ARLINGTON, Texas - The Bowling Foundation and American Heart Association haveteamed on a new program that will deliver Bowler's Ed In-School Bowling programkits to elementary and middle schools throughout the country.

"Both organizations promote a lifestyle full of activity and healthydecisions," Nancy Schenk, president of The Bowling Foundation, said."To be able to impact the lives of children and to teach healthy habitsthat include bowling as a heart-healthy activity is a tremendousopportunity."

As part of a two-year agreement, The Bowling Foundation will send Bowler's Edkits to schools as a benefit for reaching certain goals through two of theAmerican Heart Association's national programs, Jump Rope For Heart®and Hoops For Heart®, and also will send kits to schools dedicatedto starting a Bowling For Heart program.

More than 30,000 schools take part in the American Heart Association's JumpRope For Heart and Hoops For Heart programs. The in-school programs teachstudents about heart health, and gives them the opportunity to earn giftcertificates for free physical education equipment for their schools.

"Educating our youth about the importance of physical activity and heart healthare integral parts of the American Heart Association's mission. We areexceptionally pleased to have an  additional opportunity to reach students with assistance from The Bowling Foundation and the Bowling For Heartprogram," said Pediatric Cardiologist Michael Gewitz, MD, immediate pastChair of the AHA's Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young and Professorof Pediatrics at NY Medical College/Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, Valhalla,NY. "By providing fun educational tools and easy ways for children andteens to become active, we hope to begin reversing the childhood obesityepidemic and create a heart healthy generation."

The Bowling Foundation will deliver 350 of the kits to schools that reachcertain goals through the programs. The additional 350 kits will be sent toschools seeking to start a new Bowling For Heart fundraiser.

"Together, the two organizations have the ability to not only encourageliving a healthy lifestyle, but show children fun ways to achieve theirgoals," Schenk said.

The Bowling Foundation will notify local centers when a school receives a kitso they may look to work with the school on any questions they might have aboutthe sport.

About The BowlingFoundation
The mission of The Bowling Foundation is to enhance the lives of others throughthe sport of bowling, particularly reaching out toward youth, those lessfortunate, underprivileged or in need, giving them an increased chance forsuccess, health, fitness, and the joy of sport; while fostering bowling acrossall sectors of society and the world.
As the charitable arm of bowling, The Bowling Foundation is fully supported bythe leading entities for the sport including the Bowling Proprietors'Association of America, United States Bowling Congress, The Bowling Proprietors'Association International, Professional Bowlers Association, Strike TenEntertainment, International Bowling Pro Shop Instructors Association,International Bowling Media Association and the Bowling News Network as well asmanufacturers, and local bowling entities.