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July 11, 2013

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ARLINGTON, Texas - Andrew Cain of Phoenix has been re-elected president by the United States Bowling Congress Board of Directors and Frank Wilkinson of StatenIsland, N.Y., will serve as vice president of USBC for the 2013-2014 season.

"I appreciate the confidence and support of the board, and I am excited toserve another year," said Cain, who joined the board in 2007 and becamepresident in 2012. "USBC will be moving forward and embracing change as westrive toward our vision of being the leading authority servicing the needs ofbowling as a more effective governing body. The strategy and decisions aheadwill be driven by a focus to protect and nurture our sport, so bowling has avibrant future with more people inspired to participate."

While both Cain and Wilkinson are starting new three-year terms on the USBCboard, the positions of president and vice president are one-year terms.

Wilkinson, chairman of the USBC Youth Committee, recently was re-appointed tothe board by the Youth Committee. Ray Baty of Wichita, Kan., also will serve onthe USBC board as a Youth Committee representative, filling a vacated termthrough 2015.

In addition to Baty, the USBC Board will have four new members.

Anthony Colangelo of Helmetta, N.J., and Jan Schmidt of Hales Corners, Wis.,were elected to the board by delegates at the 2013 USBC Convention. They willbe joined by three-time Team USA member Mike Fagan of Dallas, who was selectedby the Athletes Advisory Council, and Tom Martino, the Bowling Proprietors'Association of America president-elect who will be on the USBC board as a BPAArepresentative. Each of the new board members will begin three-year termsstarting Aug. 1.

Returning to the board to begin new terms are Michael Italia of Warrington,Pa., and Mark Martin of Waterford, Mich., who were elected by delegates atconvention, Tom Bluth, who was appointed as a Director-At-Large, and PerryDaniels, who returns as The National Bowling Association representative. Italiaand Martin will serve three-year terms, while the appointments of Bluth andDaniels are for one year.

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