Senior Bowler of the Year

The purpose of this award is to honor a male and female bowler for outstanding accomplishments during a calendar year. Professional and amateur bowlers are eligible to receive this award.



ARLINGTON, Texas - International Bowling Media Association (IBMA) President Joan Romeo announced Lucy Sandelin,Tampa, FL, and Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO, have been elected Senior Bowlers of the Year for 2013 by a vote of members of the bowling media group.


Sandelin garnered 210 points in a 5-3-1 voting system with 5 points being given fora first place vote. She received 36 first place votes. "This is something I've been working toward all year," said Sandelin. "I'm thrilled to achieve this honor." Sandelin won the USBC Senior Queens tournament and was runner-up in the BPAA Senior Women's US Open. She also earned a gold medal in the WTBA Senior Open as well as a silver and two bronze. Sandelin competed in a PBA50 event earlier in the year in Florida where she finished in the top 16 of the senior men's event after qualifying for match play in third place.She was also Senior Bowler of the Year in 2008.


Runner-up for Woman Senior Bowler Of the Year was Tish Johnson, Colorado Springs, CO, with 170 points and 18 first place votes. Paula Vidad, Sun City, CA, the 2011 Senior Bowler of the Year, was a distant third with 65 points and three first place votes. Johnson was the winner of the Golden Ladies tournament and Vidad captured the BPAA Senior Women's US Open title.


Weber won Male Senior Bowler of the Year honors by the slimmest margin ever with a one point victory (175-174) over Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, FL, who was the 2012 Senior Bowler of the Year.   Amleto Monacelli, Barquismeto,Venezuela, was a distant third in the balloting.


Weber was the winner of the USBC Senior Masters as well as one other PBA50 tour event, an outstanding record for only participating in 6 of the 11 PBA50 events. He ranked first in average, second in earnings, and sixth in points on the PBA50 tour but he also had a stellar year on the regular PBA tour, winning the Barbasol Tournament of Champions, and finishing third in the PBA World Championship as well as the BPAA US Open, the Lucas Oil event and the Cheetah event. At the age of 51 he posted the fourth highest average on the regular PBA tour


Senior Bowlers of the Year

IBMA Male Senior Bowlers of the Year

2013 - Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO

2012 - Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Ocala, FL

2011 - Ron Mohr, Eagle River, AK

2010 - Wayne Webb, Columbus, OH

 - Ron Mohr, Eagle River, AK
2008 - Wayne Webb, Sacramento, CA
2007 - Tom Baker, King, NC
2006 - Tom Baker, King, NC
2005 - Tom Baker, King, NC
2004 - Bob Glass, Lawrence, KS
2003 - Bob Glass, Lawrence, KS
2002 - Bob Glass, Lawrence, KS
2001 - Bob Glass, Lawrence, KS
2000 - Bob Glass, Lawrence, KS

1999 - Dale Eagle, Lewisville, TX
1998 - Pete Couture, Titusville, FL
1997 - Gary Dickinson, Edmond, OK
1996 - Earl Anthony, Cornelius, WA
1995 - Tommy Evans, Bonaventure, FL
1994 - John Handegard, Las Vegas, NV
1993 - Gary Dickinson, Edmond, OK 

IMBA Female Senior Bowlers of the Year

2013 - Lucy Sandelin, Tampa, FL

2012 - Robin Romeo, Newhall, CA

2011 - Paula Vidad, Sun City, CA

2010 - Dana Miller-Mackie, Albuquerque, NM

 - Robin Romeo, Newhall, CA
2008 - Lucy Sandelin, Tampa, FL
2007 - (none selected)
2006 - (none selected)
2005 - (none selected)
2004 - Shirley Levens, Titusville, FL
2003 - Shirley Levens, Cocoa, FL
2002 - Shirley Levens, Cocoa, FL
2001 - Fran Deken, Reno, NV
2000 - Linda Kelly, Dayton, OH

St. Ann, MO


Tampa, FL